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Custom Solar System Installation A roof mounted solarpanels for your homes, should be installed by roofing professionals and Milholland Electric has those professionals on staff. Ground mounted solar power systems are best installed by construction professionals and the company also employs these workers. Milholland Electric does not subcontract any part of a solar power system installation.
Milholland Electric Inc has been providing high quality services to San Diego County, Southern California and Arizona for over 26 years and we are committed to providing solar power and other alternative energy services that save you money and preserve our environment. As expert electricians, we have aligned ourselves with the most respected solar panel (photovoltaic) manufacturers so that we can match your needs and budget with the best products available.  We design and install your home or commercial solar system based on your needs and we work to preserve the aesthetics of your home, business and property.

Is Solar power right, now?

Today, having a solar power installed in your San Diego County home is the best investment for your money. In time you will not only receive your investment back but a solar system increases your homes value and sale price. California in making it easier to install solar power on your home now with "The California Energy Commission's New Solar Homes Partnership (NSHP )." This partnership is a comprehensive statewide solar energy program, known as the California Solar Initiative. The NSHP provides financial incentives and other support to home builders, encouraging the construction of new, energy efficient solar powered homes that save homeowners money on their electric bills and protect the environment. There are many incentives and even tax credits that can reduce the cost of your solar power system by up to 50%. To read more about California New Solar Home Partnership Click here...

Why choose Milholland for your solar power system and your San Diego Solar Company?

Solar power is synonomous with San Diego County and this is our home. We intend on being here for our customers for a long time to come. We are committed to creating a better environment for future generations. When we began installing solar power systems, we decided not to just sell a specific product or number of solar panels like so many companies offering solar systems today.  We represent quality and affordability. We design a solar power system for your home, project or business and select the best solar products based on your specific requirements and your budget. There is no additional cost for our solar design services. We are very competitive and we spend the time to make sure you make an informed decision. 

Finance Options for your Home Solar Power System

Pre Paid Lease- Literally, cut the cost of your new solar system by nearly 30%. This program is also especially valuable for those who do not have the tax liability that would enable them to deduct the 30% federal tax credit. This program allows the 30% tax credit to be deducted up front and right off the cost. Call us at 858 541-1097 for details.

No Money Down- The solar system lease option may be the best way to get you into a new solar system and provide you with low cost electricity. We respresent several solar manufacturers which provide easy to qualify for financing options. Solar power systems allow you to generate electricity today and for generations. Contact us for details on how you can own a solar power system today and stop paying the utility companies.



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Solar Site Survey

To assist you in the selection of the solar system that best fits the needs of your home or business we provide complimentary solar site surveys, analysis and design services. Please click on the about us link above for more information on our Go Solar services..

For a personalized no obligation consultation and quote, click here or call us at 858 541-1097.
Solar by Milholland Electric Inc

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